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Edwin de Jonge

Time to Hire Guru / Ambassadeur

Edwin de Jonge - Time to Hire Guru / Ambassadeur

CEO Time to Hire

About Timetohire
In the last three years we have grown to be the best & largest independent RPO provider in The Netherlands, with more than 70 talent acquisition specialists working for national and international clients.

RPO in our view means not only Recruitment Process Outsourcing, but rather Recruitment Process Orchestrating 🎻, Focusing on getting the right talent in (as an opposite to hire what you can get) we help our customers grow their business by providing custom recruitment projects to hire talented skilled people in order to reach their ambitions.🎯

Besides this we are market leaderπŸ₯‡ in rec2rec services; recruitment of recruiters for permanent positions, and we offer interim recruitment solutions to provide specialised recruitment expertise.

About me
I am an entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in the recruitment business. Passionate about innovation, strategy and tech opportunities to make (work)life easier. πŸ€“

In 2016 I stumbled upon the theory of Semco Style by Ricardo Semler, and am a true follower since, as I beleive trust being the foundation of successful working together. I am a news addict with a broad interest in everything related to recruitment tech, HR tech, holacracy and self-management.

Another passion is food. In cooking I can use all my creativity. Fish, vegetarian, whatever, and I still beat my businesspartner every time in grilling the best steak πŸ₯© πŸ§‘πŸ»‍🍳